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USB Game Boy Pocket/Color/Light Power Cable

This cable lets you run a Game Boy without batteries.

05 December, 20213 days ago

Ngrok Setup on Synology NAS

Setting up ngrok on Synology NAS when port forwarding isn't available.

11 April, 20217 months ago

Portable Dev Server

The Portable Dev Server which provides an authentic linux shell to Windows users.

21 July, 202016 months ago

USBtinyISP Guide

Story of the problem I faced when using an ATtiny44 based USBtinyISP from eBay and the solution.

05 July, 202016 months ago

ESP8266 12V LED Driver

An ESP8266 based smart LED driver board.

08 June, 202017 months ago

Lightweight Simple GPS Logger

A lightweight Simple GPS Logger suitable for FPV racing mini-quads.

18 May, 20183 years ago

Star Citizen Joystick Configuration

A Star Citizen control panel for use with dual joysticks (a.k.a. HOSAS) and associated software.

14 July, 20165 years ago

Arduinos & Real Time Clocks

An old 'tutorial' I wrote when I first used a real time clock with Arduino.

28 December, 20128 years ago

Arduinos, Rotary Encoders & 7 Segment Displays

An old 'tutorial' I wrote when I first used a rotary encoder and a 7 Segment LED display.

24 December, 20128 years ago

Table Tennis Scoreboard

An old 'tutorial' I wrote on one of my first projects - A table tennis scoreboard.

21 July, 20129 years ago

Arduino & LED Matrices

An old 'tutorial' I wrote when I first used an LED matrix with Arduino.

19 September, 201110 years ago

Arduinos & Shift Registers

An old 'tutorial' I wrote when I first used shift registers with Arduino.

17 September, 201110 years ago


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